The story began in 2011 when M.Abdelaziz started a local brand called “Bel3araby” to manufacture high-quality t-shirts & sweatshirts with very special calligraphy designs and prints. At the beginning his target consumers was males only then he started to have clothes for females as well.
In 2015 and after passing through many ups and downs, he started to have a successful business and decided to start to use all the gained experience to rebrand or let’s say make a new brand for females only called “Boutique Des Femmes” focusing on quality in all aspects, not only for products but also for customer service, delivery and even when solving complaints. This strategy made the business more successful and built a good strong reputation everywhere.
In 2017, Boutique Des Femmes expanded his market to be worldwide counting on best factories in China to bring the highest product quality to our beloved customers in more than 200 countries around the world.
In 2021, we have elevated the overall quality to a whole new level with exceptional standards in all aspects with outstanding customer service and very reasonable prices.
  • The product quality reached a new heights using the best materials in the world counting on factories and warehouses in Turkey with very high attention to details and product finish.
  • A new special user experience when browsing the website to find quickly the items needed with new easy navigation menu
  • The business and datacenter have been hosted in France and USA with the highest technology and security systems.
  • A special team for audit and complaints is established in USA with a dedicated number to receive any customer complaint and work immediately on solving it (+1 929-560-3005)