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اشتري دلوقتي من ترانديول او اي موقع من تركيا واعرفي حاتدفعي كام بالظبط

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Accessories, panties, etc.. 0.1kg
Bras, light shorts, light tops, light coverups etc.. 0.2kg
Shorts, tops, legging, light pants, light skirts, swimsuits, coverups etc.. 0.3kg
Light dresses, light pullovers, pants, skirts, etc.. 0.4kg
Dresses, medium pullovers, light jackets, summer shoes, etc.. 0.5kg
Heavy dresses, heavy pullover, medium jackets, light shoes, etc.. 0.6kg
Winter dresses, heavy jackets, medium shoes, etc.. 0.7kg
Full dresses like abaya, light coats, heavy shoes, etc.. 0.8kg
Medium coats, half boots, etc... 0.9kg
Heavy coats, boots, special dresses like wedding dresses, etc.. 1.0kg - 2.0kg

* This table is for reference only, price will be adjusted after weighting the item in our warehouse.
* Items are shipped in bags not boxes. For example, shoes are shipped without the box.

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