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Camel +

Egypt 7 - 14 days
Other countries NA

*It doesn't include 1-2 days processing time.
*It might take a bit longer during holidays.

The FUR LEATHER COAT is very beautiful, stylish and makes you feel gorgeous. It comes in very good material and high quality. Please check well the size chart before making your order and have a look also on the shipping details.


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  • It is a type of fabric woven with threads obtained from beech wood fibers. Viscose fabric is a completely natural, healthy fabric with up to 120% moisture retention, which can be produced without the need for any chemicals. Its stretching ability is also higher than cotton. With all this, it is very similar to cotton fabric. it has a soft structure and generally; It is used as the lining of shirts, dresses, blouses, T-shirts and different types of clothing. Although the viscose fabric has a draped stance, it is light and with its ability to be touched frequently, it may not show through even if it is thin.
  • A maximum of 10 orders can be placed for this product.


1- Black:

2- Camel:

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